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James Denis Harrold  #1
(b:04/14/1837 d:07/23/1920: )
  • James, was one of seven children born to Thomas & Mary (Halloran) Harrold in Ireland.
  •  James left Ireland at age 16 working his way to America as a cabin boy on the ship Manhattan under the command of Captain Peabody. The ship arrived in New York Harbor on Dec. 31, 1854.
  • Following some odd jobs, James landed a job working for the Vandalia Railroad
  • The Vandalia Railroad moved James to St. Pierre, Indiana where he met and married Elizabeth Anastasia Blake (b:03/29/1842 d:11/06/1910) from Chicago. 
  • Their children are:
    • William
    • Thomas
    • Christopher
    • James Joesph
    • Bess
    • Margaret
    • Mame
    • Nell
  • Promoted to a Vandalia Section Foreman, James and Elizabeth relocated to Cartersburg, Indiana in 1893 where James managed the track maintenance crews working out of Cartersburg, Indiana. His pay was $45 per month.
  • James and Elizabeth relocated to west Indianapolis in July of 1895.
  • James and Elizabeth are interned in St. Joesph cemetary in Indianapolis, Indiana.
William M. Pack
(b:05/17/1847 d:12/30/1929)
  • William was one of nine children born to John & Matilda (Delong) Pack.
  • William enlisted in the military on 01/01/1863 and served honorably in the 37th Battalion Virginia Calvary during the U.S. Civil War. He surrendered and was paroled at Appomattax on 04/09/1865.
  • William met and married Rebecca Deskins 03/13/1865 in Tazewell County, Virginia.
  • Their children are:
    • Arbelia
    • Calvin Crocket
    • George French
  • After the war William became a farmer, first in Virginia and later in Morgan County, Kentucky.
  • When Rebecca became pregnant with a 4th child, William declared it not his, packed his belongings and moved the three kids to Kentucky.
  • William met Sallie Cecil (b:09/30/1862 d:10/13/1941) and they were married on 02/26/1884 in Mize, Kentucky.
  • Their children are:
    • Kelly
    • Laura
    • Murtie Maye
    • Golden
    • Dee Witt
    • Osa (pronounced Ocie)
    • Erna
    • Nell & Jennie (twins)
    • Sara
    • Lillie
    • Rosa
    • Estil
    • Flora
  • William and Sallie are interned in the Cecil Cemetery located on the Jackson Farm, Caskey Fork, Mize, Kentucky.
James Joesph Harrold  
(b:07/14/1883 d:06/21/1971  )
  • Following his formal schooling, James received training as a telegraph operator and obtained work at the Limedale (near Greencastle, Indiana) telegraph tower.
  • James met Blanche Sweet (b:09/18/1885 d:04/02/1962) and they were married  in 1906.
  • Their children are:
    • Fredrick Joesph  (b:12/10/1907 d: 01/14/2001 ).
    • Thomas Patrick (b:03/24/1916 ) 
    • James Denis (b:04/12/1918)
    • Virginia Sweet (b:11/16/1920)
  • James, Blanche, and Fred are interned in Forest Lawn cemetery in Greencastle, Indiana.
George French Pack
(b:10/14/1875 d:11/16/1951)
  • George was born in Virginia and moved to Kentucky as a young child.
  • George joined the U.S. Army iand was trained as a medic. He served several tours of duty and was stationed in the Phillipines, Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush, and St. Augustine, Flordia. He saw battle in the Spanish -American War.
  • George retired from the Army on 07/12/1912 with a pension of $12 per month, and moved back to Kentucky where he met Emma Sample (b:09/19/1889).
    • Emma was the oldest of nine children and had graduated from Hazel Green Academy in Wolfe County, Kentucky as a school teacher. Among her first students in a one-room Kentucky school were her brothers and sisters.
  • George and Emma were married on 01/05/1913 and almost immediately moved to Hindsboro, Illinois where they worked as tenant farmers.
  • Their children are:
    • William Pack (b:)
    • Virginia O. Pack (b:05/29/1919)
  • By late 1923 George and Emma had saved enough money to make a downpayment on a 35 acre farm north of Clayton, Indiana.
  • On  02/07/1924 George and his family moved via train to Clayton, Indiana.
  • George died 11/16/1951 and Emma remained on the family farm north of Clayton until her death on 10/08/1981.
  • George & Emma are interned in Clayton Community cemetary.
James Denis "Den" Harrold #2
  • Following graduation from Greencastle High School in 1938, James worked for Farm Bureau Co-op before securing a fireman's position on the New York Central (Penn-Central & ConRail) railroad 02/23/1941. James was promoted to engineer on 03/01/1947. He retired from the railroad with 37 years of service in 02/1978.
Virginia O. Pack
(b: 5/29/1919 d:6/3/2007)
  • Following graduation from Clayton High School in 1939, Virginia attended cosmotology school in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Shortly after finishing cosmotology school, Virginia secured a postion in a beauty salon in Greencastle, Indiana. There she met Virginia Harrold who introduced her to her brother, James Denis Harrold.
"Den" & Virgina P. Harrold
  • After several attempts to get a date, Virginia finally agreed to go out with Den in 1940 and they were married on Nov. 8, 1941.
  • The NYC transferred Den and Virginia to Urbana, Illinios in 1941 where son David was born Dec. 28, 1942.
  • WW II was in full swing but Den's attempts to enlist in the military were rejected because persons with Home Front jobs, such as railroad workers, were considered by the U.S. Government to be critical to the war's success, thus Den proudly served his country by working long, hard hours hauling munitions, equipment, and troops across the U.S.
  • In 1946, Den & Virginia again transferred, this time to the near east side of Indianapolis, Indiana, where daughter Barbara Ellen was born (b: 03/07/1946). While crossing the street near their home, Barbara was hit and killed by a car on 09/20/1950. Barbara is interned in Clayton Community Cemetary.
  • Son James George was born in Indianapolis on Nov. 9, 1951.
  • In 1954, Den and Virginia built a new house on the Pack farm in Clayton, Indiana and moved in during the summer of that same year..
  • Kathryn Lynn was born in Clayton on Sept. 17, 1954.

Harrold-Pack Family Contributions to Mill Creek Community

As far back as 1893, the Harrold and Pack Families began been contributing to what is now the Mill Creek Community. Each and everyone of them has been both a good neighbor and a good citizen.

1893 to 1895 - James D. Harrold and his wife Elizabeth and their children moved to Cartersburg from St. Pierre, Indiana. Denis, as he was known, was employed by the Vandalia (later the Pennsylvania) Railroad as a section foreman ensuring the railroad tracks serving the communities of Cartersbug, Clayton, Amo, and Coatesville were well maintained. James and his family moved to Indianapolis in July of 1895.

According to entries made in the time book that Denis kept during 1893, 1894 & 1895, persons working for Denis on the Vandalia maintenance crew included:

    • Otiss Pringle (Otiss became the Section Foreman when Denis moved in 1895.)
    • Charlie Nickal
    • Jim Snadgrass
    • Walt Franklin
    • Elisa Franklin
    • Harry Franklin
    • Sherman Linsey
    • Chris Harrold (Brother of Denis.)
    • Charlie Porrey
    • C. Bane
NOTE: During this three year period, foreman pay was $1.50 per day and worker pay was $1.20 per day.

1924 to Present - George F. Pack and his wife Emma bought a 35 acre farm, house, and building from Charles West in 1924. ( The full price of the land and buildings was $7,750 and they paid 7% interest on the loan.) With what little possesions they owned shipped by rail to the freight depot located in Summit (west of Clayton), George and Emma moved their two kids, Bill & Virginia, to the farm located north of Clayton along  400 South. At the time of their move, Virginia was four and having only seen the flatland's of eastern Illinios her first act was to race her brother up the "mountain" in the pasture west of their new house. (Thirty years later Virginia and her husband Den would build a new house on the top of that same "mountain".)

When C. West owned the farm it was mainly a horse breeding operation and a significant size horse barn was located behind and to the west of the house.

Seeking a more traditional farm, George and Emma tore down the horse barns and used the wood to construct a milking parlor on the side of the barn, build a "bull shed," hog shed, and several other out-buildings including a chicken house.

The farm was quite a successful operation and produced enough milk and eggs to meet not only the families needs but to sell and produce a steady income.

Though farm life consumed a lot of their time, Emma found time to become active in the Woman's Department Club and the Riley Guild organizations in Clayton, she was also a member of the Clayton Christian Church, and the Clayton Cemetary Board.

Emma also was known for her seamstress, cooking, and canning skills. Over the years Emma won several awards at county and Indiana State fairs.

In 1954 James and Virginia Harrold built a new house on the Pack farm and moved in with their two children. Almost immediately Virginia became re-involved in the community. She became a member of the Woman's Department Club, worked at the license branch in Danville, delivered Meals on Wheels, and helped take the 1960 U.S. Census. With Den at her side, Virginia was an active leader of the Clayton Cemmetery Board for more than 25 years.

Den, an avid reader and member of the Clayton Library Board, decided in 1979 that Clayton was in dire need of a new library. By 1982 Den  had garnered enough support and funding for a new Clayton Library.

Following in her grand-mother's and mother's footsteps, Kathryn (Harrold) Hess is an active member of the Clayton Cemetery Board.

Son David Harrold is the founder of the Mill Creek Comunity Historiical Society.

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